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Woodland Dog Slumber Bed

Woodland Dog Slumber Bed


This circular shaped bed features deep filled and quilted fibre shoulders for extra comfort with a matching fibre filled removable base. Access is easy via the deep front opening. The complete bed is fully washable. The deep Supersoft Polyester fibre offers superb warmth and comfort. These iconic and quirky prints, inspired by the British countryside, are made with 100% cotton fabric.

Please see the range of sizes and fabrics available below.

A truly unique boxing hares design, with rich russet background and eye catching blue.

This rustic print features owl pairs, with a subtle willow colour background with contrasting navy design.

An iconic woodland creature printed on midnight blue background, reflecting the colours of the forest night.

Please note that the fibre in this product is Fire Retardant to the Furniture & Furnishings Fire & Safety Regulations1988 BSNo 5852 Ignition Source 2.

Click on image to enlarge, the price is displayed in the drop down size menu.

Total Price: 19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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