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Bridle Leather Dog Leads

About our Bridle Leather Leads

We are pleased to be able to offer the 'Fielding - England' range of Bridle Leather Leads.

Fielding Bridle Leather Leads are manufactured using only the best Premium Quality Vegetable Tanned Bridle Leather. English Leather enjoys the reputation of being the finest in the world and our craftsmen are proud to continue that tradition.

Our Curriers use only natural oils and fats to impregnate the hide in processes that ensure the natural fibres of the leather are consistently meshed together without separating. This preparation results in leather that is flexible, supple and resilient with a high tensile strength.

Hand manufacture by our team of highly skilled craftsmen ensures attention to every detail. All edges are rounded and sealed to protect the fibres from sweat and the elements, and to ensure the maximum comfort for you and your dog.

All Leads are hand stitched using waxed thread with eleven stitches to the inch thus ensuring security, durability and strength. Quality Brass fittings are used throughout for ease of use, appearance and longevity.

Our small team of highly experienced craftsmen have over 600 years of experience between them. All this accumulated traditional skill and craftsmanship goes into the seven seperate processes that make every Fielding Lead.

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